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Q.A.D. "SneakyLeaf"

Price: $14.79
Manufacturer: QAD

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Redesigned with stronger leaf and safety pins and more realistic vein pattern. A high quality reproduced artificial leaf that when applied to existing camouflage, transforms it into the most natural looking, realistic camouflage available to hunters today. SneakyLeaf is so quiet and lightweight that you won’t even realize it’s there and neither will the HUNTED. Camo-Enhancer - converts existing 2D camo-clothing into the most realistic 3D camouflage ever. Eliminates hunter’s outline allowing you to disappear into the woods. Attaches easily to clothing, tree stand, bow, gun, etc. Quiet, durable, machine washable, 3D artificial leaf 100 leaves to a pack.

Part No. #QAD200 Fall Blend 100 leaves

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