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Sims "S-Coil" Stabilizer, 4.5" (NEW!)

Price: $22.49
Manufacturer: Sims Vibration Labs

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Sims "S-Coil" Stabilizer, 4.5" (NEW!)

The most effective light-weight stabilizer ever built. The next generation in stabilizer technology
The unique design of the X-Coil offers independent movement to multiple sections of the stabilizer to allow each independent quadrant of the X-Coil to independently isolate and dampen vibration at an increased rate. This means a quieter shot, smoother feel and better archery experience on the practice lane or in the field. 

• Multiple Isolation Quadrants
• Integrated NAVCOM® Camo
• Excellent Vibration Reduction • Improves Balance Characteristics
• Compact Design & Lightweight
• Weatherproof for All Seasons • Dampens Hand Shock
• Reduces Bow Torque

Part No. #SIMSXCS..........$22.49

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