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Quality Archery Design Ultra-Rest Pro Series LD

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Manufacturer: QAD

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Ultra-Rest by Quality Archery Design  

ARROW WILL NOT FALL OFF REST Whether stalking, drawing, or slowly letting down, the Ultra-Rest is working (full time) to totally support and capture the arrow. VDT (Velocity Drop-Away Technology). This patented feature allows the UL-TRA-REST to fall away only when the bow is fired. SUPER QUIET AND DURABLE. Precision machined aluminum components, internal silicone bumpers and laser cut felt offer superior noise reduction. SHOOT SHORTER ARROWS / INCREASE SPEED. Offers minimal friction and zero fletching contact. Also allows you to shoot the shortest arrow possible (Up to 4” shorter.). ARROW WILL NOT DRAG ACROSS THE BOW SHELF. The ULTRA-REST is cocked into the verti-cal-ready position via the thumb wheel providing 360° arrow capture, assuring total bow shelf clearance when drawing or letting down. Unlike other rests that drop-away because of inertia or vibration the ULTRA REST relies on the velocity of the forward movement to initiate the launcher to drop. VDT assures that the ULTRA-REST remains in the cocked position even on a slow let down, and will only drop-away if the bow is fired. VDT is a durable and reliable firing mechanism which is sure to change the way you look at drop away rests. The ULTRA-REST is cocked into the Arrow Capture Position via the thumb wheel, securing the arrow. This assures that the arrow will not drag across the bow shelf, enabling you to shoot shorter arrows than other drop-away rests allow. At full draw the cable attached to your down buss cable (using are patent pending cable clamp) moves the launcher back about 5 degrees from arrow capture position to VDT activated position. This will allow the ULTRA-REST to drop-away when the bow is fired. The rest will remain in Arrow Capture Position if you need to let down. At the moment of truth the shot is made the velocity of the rest moving forward (VDT) causes the ULTRA-REST to drop-away giving you total fletch clearance and perfect arrow. flight on every shot.Ultra-Rest LD: Introducing a new internal design with Patentes Lock-Down Technology. In the mechanical rest industry, high speed photography has exposed arrow rest bounce-back. The Ultra-Rest LD eliminates bounce-back, guaranteeing total fletching clearance!

Part No. #QAD194 BLACK

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