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Easton ION Shafts

Price: $77.95
Manufacturer: Easton

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Don't shoot high poundage, but I still need a hard-hitting serious hunting shaft. Carbon ION delivers a high performance package designed for you, a short draw shooter. Low profile H diameter shafts reduce wind drifting for improved accuracy and lower friction for deep penetration. ION is the perfect hunting shaft for you and other hunters with shorter draw lengths that shoot lighter poundages.

500, 600

    Factory crested
    Guaranteed straightness: ±.003"
    Pre-installed blue H Nocks
    HP inserts - included

Tech Specs
Shaft Size     Shaft Weight     Shaft Weight at 29"     Spine at 28" Span     Stock Length     H Nock [1]     HP Insert     HP Point [3]     RPS Point [2]     BAR [4]
       Grains/Inch   Grains   Deflection in Inches   Inches   Grains   Grains   Grains   O.D. Inches   Size (5 grains)
600       6.4          186              0.600                30         9       HP-3   80/100      9/32              BAR7
500       7.3          212              0.500              31 1/2      9       HP-3   80/100      9/32              BAR7
[1] H Nock available colors red, black, white, yellow, green, and orange.     [3] HP one-piece point available in 80 or 100 grains.
[2] RPS conventional thread screw-in points available in 50-125 grains.     [4] Broadhead Adapter Ring (BAR) recommended if required by broadhead design.

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