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BOHNING The Blazer Broadhead Vane (pack of 100)

Price: $17.49
Item Number: BA100
Manufacturer: Bohning


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With all the steering capabilities of a 4" vane, The Blazer will amaze you with its silence, accuracy & flight characteristics. All this and only 2" of vane! Welcome to the new frontier of broadhead flight! Maximum accuracy, Maximum durability, Minimum noise...and now, Maximum steering with Minimum weight!
A two inch vane great for use with fixed blade or mechanical broadheads. Helps eliminate interference problems and increases speed. Weighs only 6 grains.

*More Information The Blazer™ Vane What It Is And Why It Works. Bohning's revolutionary new Blazer™ Broadhead Vane has changed the way archers think about arrow guidance, especially with fixed-blade broadheads. Most of us have been led to believe that more is better when it comes to our vanes and feathers making our broadheads fly like our field points. The Blazer™ Vane proves that theory wrong by out performing 4 or 5 inch vanes or feathers…and the Blazer™ is only two inches long. HOW CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE? Independent testing shows that while some spin is necessary for accurate flight, too much can cause your arrow to lose speed very rapidly. What is required is a guidance system that will take over and steer the arrow regardless of what the broadhead is doing. The Blazer™, with its unique design begins steering and correcting immediately. The combination of the steep leading edge angle, and material stiffness, enables the air to flow over the vane in a manner that actually creates lift and leaves the tip of each vane inside undisturbed air. This is similar to the drafting principle used in auto racing. This airflow created by the precise leading edge angle allows the tip of each vane to act like a rudder, which is very noticeable at longer distances with the flatter trajectory Blazer™ vanes provide. Just give the Blazer™ a try and you will believe! Weighs 6 grains, .6 inches high.
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