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Berry Thunder Bugle

Price: From $8.95 to $35.99
Manufacturer: Berry

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This is one of the best external calls ever made, it has a thin replaceable reed that snaps into place in seconds. What makes this call so good is how easy it is to use and the great sound that comes out of it. A original design by Glen Berry. Works with your top lip or bottom lip you can even place our tongue against the RT reed and gently blow through the call and get good sound. Tube 1.5 x 28 long. Camo cover pattern varies.

Part No. #8031 Tunder Bugle

Part No. #8032 Replacement Reed Thin White

This reed comes with the Thunder Bugle. Produces high pitch sound of small-medium Bull.

Part No. #8033 Replacement Reed Thick Black
This reed comes extra with the Thunder Bugle. Produces high pitch sound of medium-large Bull.

Part No. #8034 Replacement Double Reed Green

This double reed is designed to produce a raspy bugle with more volume. Great for changing sounds on calls by bulls.

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