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PSE "Bow Madness XL" Bow- FREE SHIPPING!

Price: $699.99
Manufacturer: PSE

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Bow Madness XL

  Its PSE, Its Drury and its Amazing!

  • Forgiving 36" axle-to-axle design
  • Fastest single cam bow ever offered by PSE!
  • Highly preloaded 10-1/2" split limbs
  • Madness™high efficiency single cam system
  • Extremely smooth draw cycle
  • Ultralight mass weight cam for increased performance
  • 6" of draw length adjustment without a bowpress
  • 80% let off adjustable to 65%
  • Asymmetric idler wheel for improved performance
  • Vibracheck® Backstop®-Instantly terminates string vibration
  • Biomechanically Ergonomic Slim Throat (B.E.S.T.) Grip
  • Past parallel bow geometry
  • New pivoting split limb pockets
  • Stainless steel stabilizer bushing
  • Tuning alignment marks
  • Multiple sight mounting holes

 Bottom of Form

Axle-to-Axle: 36"

Draw Weight: 40-50# 50-60# 60-70#

Brace Height: 6-1/2"

IBO Speed: 332-324

Let Off : 80% or 65% Adjustable

Available in Treestand Camo, Red, Black, and Blue

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