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Martin "Saber" Take-Down Bow

Price: $259.95
Item Number: Martin Saber Take-Down Bow
Manufacturer: Martin Archery


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The new Saber Take-Down Recurve bow brings a higher level of features to Martin Archery’s metal riser Take-Downs.  These include the more advanced Saber handle with 2 integrated Vibration Vortex VEMs mounted in the riser and the Thermal V protective dampening grip for a vibration free shot.  Right hand only.

Bow Specs*

Draw Weight: 30#, 35#, 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#
Brace Hight 6.75” - 7.50”
Mass Weight: 3.4 lbs.
AMO Length: 64”

About Take-Downs

The Martin Take-Downs offer a smooth draw,          powerful shot and comfortable grip.  Our list of         important features is long.         These bows are an ideal choice for the archer         wanting to give the traditional side a serious try.          Laminated wood and glass limbs offer a smooth         draw, but send an arrow with authority.  You can         easily remove limbs from the riser for convenient transport and storage.  We even throw in an arrow rest, all for a very reasonable price.  The Saber, Jaguar, and Diablo include a rest and stringer.


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