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Easton FatBoy Arrows, per dz.

Price: $135.95
Manufacturer: Easton

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cut to length from where string rest on nock to cut
Specify Arrow Length
install inserts
Add Inserts Loose
Add Target Points Loose
Choose Vane Length
Fletching color selection
Choose Straight Offset nc or Right Helical $2.95
Replace vanes w/ feathers / feather sizes
Replace Standard Vanes with Bohning BLAZER BROADHEAD Vanes 2"
Specify Vane or Feather Color if selected above (sample: 1-yellow, 2-orange, orange nock)
Easton FatBoy

Straightness +/- .005”
Weight tolerance +/- 2 grains per dz.

Black carbon smooth matt finish. Competes with FITA’s 9.3 maximum arrow diameter. Arrows have 4” vanes.

500 - 7.1gpi
400 - 7.8gpi
340 - 8.3gpi

Inserts and Points sold separately

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