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A.M.G. 'Carbond"

Price: $13.95
Manufacturer: AMG

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A.M.G. 'Carbond"

Better Archery Through Better Chemistry. Carbond is formulated specifically to bond metals, composites, and polymers, and if you're an arrow maker, you know that means aluminum shafts and inserts, carbon shafts, and plastic vanes. Our testing shows its just as good on feathers. And you never need a primer/activator! Breaking new ground in cyanoacrylate adhesives with a toughenizer called "Tuf-Flex", Carbond will not shatter or become brittle like other instants. Carbond is user friendly, programmed with a few seconds of delayed response time, letting you set your vane and properly coat and seat your insert before the initial tack-bond. And Carbond's wetting agent will actually penetrate the surface of carbon arrows. You'll notice how your vanes are always fully stuck at each end, and your inserts never pull out. And every bottle is charged with a special gas to extend shelf life from weeks to months. AMG Carbond!

Part No.  #AMG120..........$14.95

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