Timberline "No Peep"

he 2003 No-Peep is a 3rd generation that has several improvements. It is now shorter and lighter.† The lens is recessed further into the body so it is protected from rain and snow.† The alignment images has also been changed so that they are faster and easier to acquire.† The light is focused into a smaller area for better visibility in low light conditions. The No-Peep is an eye alignment device. There is a lens with a dot. Behind the lens is a ring. You adjust it so the dot is inside the ring when you are at your anchor point. The No-Peep will train you to draw to the same anchor point every time. You just draw your bow while looking at your sight pins and target. You will see the No-Peep in your peripheral vision. You just move your head slightly to align the dot in the ring if it is off. Most of the time it will be aligned because the No-Peep has trained you like an Olympic archer. Think of the No-Peep as a visual kisser button.† A lot of bow hunters use a kisser button to help them anchor consistently.† The No-Peep works the same except it is visual rather than feel.† You will be more accurate and be trained faster because the visual feedback from the No-Peep is precise compared to a kisser button's feel. Some bow sights have a front and rear sight. Like a pistol sight, the front and rear sight are too close together for accuracy. The optics of the No-Peep magnify misalignment. Comparing the No-Peep to these other bow sights is like comparing a scoped rifle to a pistol. The No-Peep will work with any type of sight; fixed pins, moveable sight, or pendulum. In fact, the No-Peep will enhance the accuracy of your pendulum sight. The reason most people shoot high from a treestand is a change in form rather than the effects of gravity. Most tend to drop their bow arm as they aim down. That shortens your draw length. The peep sight moves up as the string angle changes when the string moves forward. As little as 1/4” change in draw length can make you shoot 6”-12” high. A pendulum sight wonít correct for a change in form. This canít happen with the No-Peep because it is attached to the bow, not the string. Your eye will be in the same position every time.

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Manufactured by Timberline Archery

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