Slik tips come in 19/64" 100 grain & 125 grain

Satellite / Slik Tips

ST100-100 grain 6pk ST125-125 grain 6pk

Price: $5.95
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Manufactured by Satellite Archery

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  Wood Tapering Tool - 
  Magnus / Blunt Small Game Point /3 pk - A 125 grain point that works excellent on small game all the way to Coyote. Has a removable bleed blade. Comes in screw-in or glue-on
  Easton Carbon Inserts / dz. pack - By using Easton carbon inserts instead of aluminum you can reduce your arrow weight by 7 to 3 grains.
  Zwickey Judo Point - Small game head/2 pk.
  Zwickey Konder - Small Game Head w/ Longer LegsThe Zwickey KONDOR is the same as the Zwickey JUDO except it has long legs (spring hooks).
  Zwickey Scorpio-Turkey Small Game Point - The Scorpio grabs an animal as the broadhead penetrates. As the arrow shaft goes through, the Scorpio slides down the shaft towards the fletching with drag and prevents the shaft from passing through the game.
  Small Game - Roverine Head / Fits all shaft sizes - For small game. Use with your broadhead, field point or blunt. Eight small cutting blades. Helps prevent pass throughs.
  Bullet Point / Glue-in 100gr. - Steel, Black Oxide, Glue-in
  Target Point/ dz packs - Steel, Black Oxide, Glue-in
  Target Point/ dz packs - Steel, Black Oxide, Screw-in
  Saunders Combo Points  - 1 dz.


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