Cascade Model 8

Try a Cascade and your shooting will never be the same again! With most releases, the shot is being executed through tension in a finger, thumb and sometimes the whole body. The Cascade goes off when you relax which requires a different mind set that helps you to shoot better and continue to improve as you practice. If you ever suffer from buck fever, target panic, punching your release or have a hard time relaxing at the crucial moment of release, then try a Cascade, "The Relax Release" offered by Spot~Hogg Archery Products. Unlike other release aids, with the Cascade you depress the  thumb trigger to set the release, then relax, letting the pressure off the trigger to release the arrow. One of the finest releases on the market today the Cascade has all hardened steel internal parts and an anodized aluminum case, available in seven colors. The ergonomic shape of the Cascade offers the shooter an unmatched comfort and style, while the unique relaxed trigger improves accuracy and consistency. Available in the Model 8 (only relax) and the Model 10 (can be set in either relax or trigger mode).

Price: $105.00
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Manufactured by Cascade Releases

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