ACME Premium Port Orford Cedar Arrows

PREMIUM Port Orford Cedar: Note: Arrows are Hand fletched helical with feathers. Nocks attached at right angles to the tongue of the grain for proper shaft flexing. Painted with 3 thin coats of clear lacquer for lightness & waterproofing and tapered 31” to the back of your broadhead. CEDAR WOOD Arrows & Shafts: Our Premium Port Orford Cedar has long been the standard by which shafts are judged. They are LIGHT, STRAIGHT and LONG GRAINED. Electronically spined by Rose City Archery in Oregon and then weighed by us to +/- 10 grains per dozen for uniformity in flight. When purchasing 1 dozen or more of the same spine, all the shafts in that group will be within +/- 10 grains to ensure they fly with the same trajectory. Cut & Retaper your ARROWS to a shorter length add, $3.95/dz.............. WE ALSO HAVE SELECT ARROWS AND SHAFTS...ARROWS: 5"FEATHERS/HELICAL FLETCHED. TAPERED FOR BROADHEAD @31" TO BACK OF HEAD. CLEAR LACQUERED. $44.95 DZ. Select SHAFTS @ $22.95 dz

Price: $49.95
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Manufactured by FS Archery

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