2008 HOYT REFLEX Caribou

The Caribou is designed specifically for bowhunters who prefer to use their fingers rather than a release aid. Its lengthy axle-to-axle and brace height measurements along with the Slam & 1/2 Wheel System provide everything finger shooters are looking for. Itís equipped with a full wood custom grip for improved hand placement while its TEC riser design, Split Limbs and AlphaShox silence the lengthy bow. If youíre a finger shooter searching for that perfect bow, search no more. Caribou is the bow for you. LIMB: 17" AXLE TO AXLE: 45-3/4" DRAW WEIGHT: 40,50,60,70# BRACE HEIGHT: 8-3/4" I.B.O. SPEED 270 fps SLAM & 1/2 OR WHEEL DRAW LENGTHS 27"-31"

Price: $514.95
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Manufactured by Reflex

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