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Bear Archery "Kodiak Magnum" Recurve Bow

Price: $479.99
Item Number: Bear Archery Kodiak Magnum Recurve Bow
Manufacturer: Bear Archery


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Kodiak Magnum

Modeled after the original, famous Kodiak bow, the Kodiak Magnum was first introduced in 1961 as a bow hunters dream due to its short length and ease of maneuverability. The nimble, versatile design struck a chord with hunters who valued its blend of agility and power, and it has been proving its worth ever since.


  • 1-piece riser – made of exotic African Babinga and capped with black and white glass
  • Limbs – overlaid with clear maple, backed and faced with high strength black fiberglass
  • Tips – handcrafted and layered with black and white fiberglass
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