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American Whitetail FITA MAT

Price: From $89.99 to $454.95
Manufacturer: American Whitetail

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FITA MAT by AmericanWhitetail

When designing a competition mat for the best archers in the world a mat needs to do three things. It has to stop hundreds of arrows that are shot into the same spot, it has to hold those arrows for accurate scoring time after time and it has to be uni-directional, meaning it cannot “kick” the arrow and will hold it straight. The 152C was designed with all of these things in mind, in fact it does all of this and is still lightweight, weighing as much as half of other mats, it has the advantage of having a replaceable center core. This design is so superior that it was chosen as the target mat for the 2000 Sydney Olympics over every other mat in the world. The bonded laminations hold the arrow securely exactly where it landed for accurate scoring, and will withstand hundreds of shots in the same spot. It has to when being used by the best archers in the world!

Part No. #A152C.......52” dia. 8” Thick.............$454.95
Part No. #AR124.......24” Replaceable Core........$89.99
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